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St Benedicts and St Johns Churches, Glastonbury

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art of soft gentle movements which rebalance your body's natural energy, and so bringing about a state of health, vitality, and inner tranquillity. While a phenomenal discipline in it's own right, it is also an ideal supplementary discipline for anyone following a spiritual, healing, or meditational path. Classes are taught by Clive George (video above), who has been practicing Tai Chi for over 40 years, a spiritual healer, and the author of a host of books and DVDs, including 


Our classes are held every Monday and Tuesday. People just visiting Glastonbury are very welcome. If you are interested in coming along please send us an email first using the below form, or on our contact page, so we know you are coming. 


9.30-10.30am St Johns Church Glastonbury

Chi Kung and Tai Chi Class

This class includes Chi Kung exercises and the individual Tai Chi moves for health and longevity. Some prefer this class as it doesn't teach the Form, while others use it to get used to the individual movements before venturing onto the Tuesday class. Still others attend both. Those who want to can stay and join in following me in Tai Chi Fan Form - you don’t need  to know the moves.


Afterwards, please join us for a well earned sit down with FREE tea, coffee and cakes..

The class is suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. All you need to wear is loose fitting clothing.



10-11am St Benedicts Church, Glastonbury

Original Form of Yang Cheng Fu Class

This class practices the Form (the long sequence you see people practicing in parks, and on TV). Like an ancient keep fit video, the Form allows students to practice the Tai Chi moves by themselves without a teachers being present. There are many forms, some created by great masters, and others by Charlie-nobody. The Form learned is the original Form of that of Yang Cheng Fu, one of the greatest Yang style Tai Chi masters. It is far more enjoyable to learn the Form in a group, and we normally start a new group at the beginning of each term. So normally students start by attending the Monday class, and then if they want to learn the Form start in the Tuesday class when a new group becomes avalable.


WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR LESSONS- they are both FREE by donation. But as we don’t receive any funding we rely on your kind donations. It costs over £1,500 to keep our classes going, so please give £5 or whatever you can afford,  either before or after the class, or online below.

Tai Chi- I Haven't Got The Words

Tai Chi- I Haven't Got The Words

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